Why you should hire a VA in 2019

What a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and does

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a trained, experienced individual who provides professional, technical or creative support services to another business from a remote location.

VA’s are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and business owners due to the flexibility they offer in working hours, capacity and location.

A VA can do virtually any task, and indeed any task virtually, other than bring your morning coffee. Well, at least until 3D printing capability develops - then they can do that as well.

Alongside the typical clerical tasks given to assistants such as schedule, email and account management, VA’s can support with everything from social media management and lead generation to network building and presentation design.

Why you should hire a VA in 2019

The list of reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant is as long, if not longer, than your weekly to-do list. To keep things short and sweet we have chosen the three which we believe will make the biggest improvements in your work.

Improve productivity

Spend time where it matters. Easier said than done. According to the 80/20 rule, 20% of tasks provide 80% of the value. Where are you spending time?

Hiring a VA to take care of time-consuming, repetitive tasks, not only alleviates pressure, but also increases productivity. We both know filing expenses isn’t your forte.

Increase online presence

LinkedIn,Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are integral channels for brand development, lead generation and stakeholder engagement, however managing numerous social platforms can be a daunting job for the savviest of digital natives. Let your VA take care of everything from post scheduling to content creation and utilise the power of the social network.

Get back to what you do best

At Houston & Ko we understand that time is one of your most valuable assets. Whether it is running your business, training for a marathon or spending time with your family, let your virtual assistant take care of the rest so you can spend your time where it matters.

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