Demand for Virtual Assistants increased by 56% from last quarter

The latest figures from’s Q3 Fast 50 quarterly index show that while the top skill-sets in demand by employers belong to Data Analysts, the second highest are those of Virtual Assistants (VAs), a rise of eight places from tenth in the last quarter.

While the big tech companies scramble to create AI powered virtual assistants to conquer business and home administration, the human virtual assistant with their expertise and versatility to manage everything from customer service to social media, reigns supreme.

These multi-skilled freelancers can expect the demand for their skill-set rise as businesses continue to hire in non-traditional ways. Go-getting, innovative companies focused on streamlining and scaling are turning to freelancers to build an elastic labour force that’s high quality, high speed and can work from virtually anywhere.

Increasingly entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior management realise that delegating administrative tasks to virtual assistants is a strategic and advantageous move that creates more time for focusing on business growth.

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