Are you losing 30 days a year on admin?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

More than 36 percent of respondents on our latest LinkedIn poll said they spend more than 5 hours per week on administrative tasks.

Poll Results: How many hours per week do you spend on admin tasks?

Last week we asked our LinkedIn community how many hours per week they spent doing administrative activities. Managing their diary, filing their expenses and engaging in social media activities, along with other administrative tasks. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner and the results don't make you sweat. They probably should.

Only 18% of our respondents spent less than 2 hours per week on administrative tasks, 45% said that number was closer to 5 hours per week and an enormous 36% said that number was even greater than that.

5 hours per week. That's 20 hours per month. That's 240 hours per year. That's 30 working days.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know how strong the temptation is to do everything yourself, we really do... but can you put your hand on your heart and tell us this is the best use of an entire month of your year?

LinkedIn Poll by Houston & Ko: How many hours per week do you spend on admin tasks?

It is for this reason, that more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are hiring Virtual Assistants to do these jobs efficiently. Leaving them with more time to invest into the tasks that really matter to their business. Their products. Their customers. Their teams.

A Virtual Assistant can help you with virtually any task, other than making your morning coffee. Well, at least until 3D printing capability develops - then we will offer that as well.

Alongside the typical clerical tasks given to assistants such as schedule, email and account management, Virtual Assistants can support you with everything from social media management and lead generation to network building and presentation design.

At Houston & Ko we are really passionate about spending time wisely and understand that, as a business owner it is one of your most valuable assets.

Sign-up for a no-obligation conversation with Paula or myself to discover how to spend 30 days less filing expenses, and 30 days more growing your business.

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