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Want to use a virtual assistant but aren't sure how? That's okay, our team are on hand to ensure you get the most from your VA and the four simple steps between you and those extra hours.

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Knowing how much support you require isn’t always an easy question to answer, which is why Houston & Ko have created a range of flexible virtual executive assistant packages for you to choose from. From a helping hand to an extra pair of hands Houston & Ko have just the right solution for you and your business.

When it comes to the art of the possible Virtual Assistants are second only to Superheros. They have the ability to take nearly any task off your to-do list. To give you some inspiration to get started here are our most in-demand tasks


Schedule & Diary Management

Organisation is essential when it comes to running a business effectively and it’s easy to forget to chase-up that lead, send your sister’s birthday present and that you already have a meeting booked for Wednesday afternoon. More time can be spent coordinating schedules, rescheduling appointments, sending invites than on meeting with the very same people.


Leave it to your virtual assistant to manage your diary and make sure you never miss a meeting, sales lead or birthday again.

Email Monitoring & Organisation

Email remains the most popular form of business communication over chat, phone or text. So, it’s not hard to believe that the average person spends 4 hours per day checking their inbox to sort through emails, deciding what to read and what to ignore. 


Put those hours to better use and let your virtual assistant manage your inbox, unsubscribe from unwanted mail lists, set-up alerts, rules, and filters to suit your needs and preferences and clean-up, sort, archive or delete old emails clogging up your inbox.

Social Media Management

Social media plays a huge role in the growth and success of a business. Whether you’re running a business, lecturing seminars or speaking at public events, having a social media presence puts your brand in front of more people, but can be a time-consuming task.


Let your virtual assistant set-up and manage social media accounts; plan, create and publish personalised content and monitor conversations to make sure you don’t miss out.

Billing & Account Management

Business is business, and getting paid the right amount at the right time is essential to success, however keeping track of client orders, sending out invoices on time and knowing who has paid and who hasn’t, on-top of everything else isn’t always so easy.


Your virtual assistant can take care of creating your invoices, sending them to clients, tracking who has paid and contacting those that haven’t for a (ahem) polite reminder.

Booking & Arranging Travel

Whether it’s business or pleasure, travel arrangements are one of those tasks that are important to get right and expensive to get wrong, but it takes time to scour the internet for the best flight connections, well located hotels and quickest ground transfers. 

Whether you’re headed from one corner of the world to another or to a business meeting in the next city, let your virtual assistant troubleshoot your travel worries by taking care of itineraries, bookings and making alternate arrangements in the event of delays or cancellations.

Proofreading & Transcription 

Converting audio recordings, written notes or podcasts into typed documents is a clever and efficient way to keep track of conversations, share knowledge and re purpose content for blogs or articles. Keeping yourself on the creative side means you have to avoid getting bogged down in the time-consuming task of proofreading and transcription at all costs.


Luckily our team of multilingual virtual assistants at Houston & Ko have exceptional typing skills, keen ears and eyes for detail, giving you the confidence to leave this job in our capable hands.

General Administration

There are countless daily tasks and processes that are important for running your business like calls, emails and filing, but annoying none of these tasks are necessarily focused on growing it.

Forward your landline or mobile number and let your virtual assistant answer, redirect or re-schedule your calls or let them give your digital filing cabinet a detox, purge unnecessary documents and streamline the rest, leaving you time to focus.

Research & Presentation

Whether it's a Board meeting, speaker presentation or investor pitch having the right facts in the right format can make all the difference and knowing the right tools and tech can help you find the most relevant data and visualise it to your audience in the most compelling way.

If you don't have time to keep up to date with the latest tools and you don't have the time to dedicate to polishing Powerpoints then leave it in the capable and crafty hands of your virtual assistant, allowing you to focus on adding value to the content and delivery.